Best Foods to Eat When in Scotland

Scotland is a small country best known for some of the finest natural produce respected all over the world. Food in this part of the world is of good quality, and some travelers may find it a bit expensive. However, there are affordable foods that are popular among travelers.

Haggis is one of the best foods to eat in Scotland. It is a traditional meal that consists of sheep’s liver, heart, and lung all three minced together with onion, spices suet and oats. This mixture is then encased in sausage skin then cooked. This delicacy is best served with mashed potatoes and turnip


Stovies is a breakfast meal prepared with beetroot and oats. It is made in most eateries, and it varies in the ingredients used to cook it. However, this meal which consists of potatoes and leftover vegetables and different types of meats.


Another meal in the best food to eat in Scotland list is the cranachan. This is a dessert made with cream, honey, whiskey-soaked oats, and berries. The oats must be soaked overnight in whiskey to give the unique winy taste. It was initially consumed during summer but now preferred during the harvest times.


Cullen skink is a Scottish soup made from smoked haddock, potatoes, and onions and is mostly consumed in northern Scotland. The soup is ordinarily heavy and therefore preferred for breakfast. This soup is served with freshly baked bread.


Rowies is yet another delicacy in the list of best foods to eat in Scotland. It is a type of bread made from flour, salt lard, and oil. Rowies are quite oily and are believed to be the traditional meals for sailors who traveled long distances from Scotland.


Banagers and Mash are similarly everyday food in Scotland and are a classic that most households look forward to. It is made of potatoes mashed with butter and milk making it fluffy. Bangers, Scottish sausages accompany the meal, and in most cases, a sauce made of onion and spices served with it.


Another food to eat in Scotland is the black pudding, which is a traditional cuisine made of oats and barley. It has been ranked among super-foods alongside kale broccoli and spinach. The dessert is also made of animal blood, but that in most cases does not bother those that love its taste.


The shortbread is a Scottish dessert invented in the 1700s, it comes in various shapes and sizes, and it is considered a perfect accompaniment for tea. It is made of flour, butter/ vegetable oil, and sugar. Sometimes it is made of cornflour or rice instead of flour.


The Scottish’s traditional meal list includes curry, also considered a national mean. You will find it served in almost all restaurants and food shops. It was introduced to the masses around 1888 in an international exhibition that showcased Indian recipes. The curry is made of butter, chicken, flour and a variety of spices.


Finally in the list of the best food to eat in Scotland list is the bacon butty which is simply a tasty bacon slice placed on a white buttered roll. You should know ldl cholesterol normal range in case you have heart issues.